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    Right-click ContextMenu on a dataTable row

    Alex Newbie


      The demo on the site shows a ContextMenu attached to a data table row on RowClick event. Using "oncontextmenu" event does not work. I have tried adding the context menu inside the table, as in the first example, without using rich:componentControl, but no luck here.

      Is there a way to do this it is not supported yet?

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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          The second example demonstrates that you can attach the context menu not only to right mouse click (oncontextmenu), but on any other event like onRowClick. Also, the second example shown that you can share and parametrize the same instance of the context menu.
          It is possible to use contextMenu without componentControl, but the even you try to attach to should be supported by the component.

          So, what the code snippet that is suppose to work from your point of view?

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            Alex Newbie

            Using componentControl, the fallowing code does not work (for me) with "oncontextmenu" event.

             <rich:contextMenu id="menu" attached="false" submitMode="ajax" >
             <rich:menuItem style="text-align: left;">
             <b>URL</b> {url}
             <rich:menuItem value="#{messages.wslistmenu_availability}" style="text-align: left;"/>

            and inside a datatable

            <rich:componentControl event="oncontextmenu" for="bodyform:menu" operation="show" rendered="#{Authentificator.authentificated}">
             <f:param name="url" value="#{webservice.url}"/>

            I am using Rihchfaces 3.2.0 RC1.

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              moldovan Newbie

              Any update on this topic with the attribute onRowContextMenu?

              JIRA-Entry is open since February, but nothing is done until now....
              Does this topic has to few votes?

              Actual, I've attached contextMenu via componentControl on onRowClick-event to dataTable.
              But in my situation, it would be better (I don't wanna say: it is essential) if the contextMenu shows on right click.