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    What jar files are needed to use embeddable EJB3?

    Mike Yawn Newbie

      I'm trying to do a small prototype project using EJB3 -- initially, I'd like to be able to run with as few changes to the current application build/deploy model as possible. So I'd like to just add the necessary jar files into my eclipse environment so that I can build and test within Eclipse.

      I've added jboss-ejb3.jar, jboss-ejb3x.jar, and ejb3-persistence.jar to my Eclipse environment, and this seems to allow most things to compile (EJB3 persistence annotations are all recognized, for example).

      But the imports of org.jboss.ejb3.embedded.* are not being found. I've tried the (annoying tediously) process of trying to unzip every jar that looks like it might be the one containing these classes, and looked through all the documentation I can find, but I have no idea where these classes are located.

      I've downloaded both the 4.0.3 AS bundle and the jboss-EJB-3.0-RC1.zip bundle (which the website seemed to indicate had the embeddable microcontainer), but I'm not finding the jar file I need to include.

      After that question is answered, the next thing I think I need to know is where to put my persistence.xml if I'm running in an Eclipse environment (everything just laid out in a directory structure; no .jar, .ear, or .par files being built yet).

      Is it going to be possible to do what I'm trying here?

      Thanks for any pointers,