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    JTATransaction question

    Gang Duan Newbie

      I posted this question at the "beginner's corner". So far I have had no answer yet. Scott Stark suggested to post in this forum...



      I am new to EJB and hope someone could help me with this.

      I am trying to use ejb3 stateless bean with hibernate 3.1.

      In the stateless bean I get a SessionFactory by

      SessionFactory sf = (SessionFactory) new InitialContext().lookup("java:/hibernate/SessionFactory");

      and from there I open a session:
      Session session = sf.openSession();

      Then I do some work using this session object. After than I close the session by:

      The problem is that this code can only read from the database. Insert/update/delete are not persisted to the database.

      However, If I put the session.flush() before session.close(), all CRUD works. I have read some documentations that said it is not necessary to force the flush. Can someone tell me if I should or should not put the flush() everytime before I close the session?

      BTW, I have set the persistence.properties with the following: