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    dynamic context menu / disabling menu items

    Bjoern Eickvonder Newbie

      I have a context menu attached to tree nodes via componentControl.
      Now I need to disable certain menu items based on the node the user invokes the context menu on.
      How can I realize that?

      I thought about 3 solutions yet:

      1.) Do not attach the context menu via componentControl but adding the context menu directly to each tree node. This should work but in this case a context menu is inserted for every node resulting in a rather large page, right? So this does not scale well for hundreds of nodes.

      2.) Using a4j:support to rerender the context menu based on the node clicked on and displaying context menu on onComplete. Question is how do I display the contextMenu via Javascript?

      3.) Using componentControl as I do now and disabling menu items via Javascript just before the menu opens. Question is how can I disable menu items via Javascript?

      Anyone any suggestions or other solutions?