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    Datascroller + Datatable + Paging + Filtering

    keith johnston Newbie

      We have a datatable that uses paging. We also have support for filtering in our datatable.

      We recently upgraded from 3.0.1 to 3.1.4. Everything was working fine in 3.0.1.

      What seems to be happening now is that the Datascroller is invoking code on the server in our data model differently - it calls isRowAvailable, which forces our data model to load, *before* the filter string has been bound to the backing bean. Because we cache our data page to avoid loading twice, by the time the filter string has been set, it is too late - the page has already been loaded by the earlier call from the Datascroller.

      Anyone else seen this problem?

      As a last resort - I thought I would simply pull out the values from the HTTP Request and set them just before we get the datamodel. But I don't see where the request values are being kept. The requestParameterMap is empty. Is there a way to pull out the request values from the Ajax request?