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    Exposing stateless Session Beans as Web Service

    Robert Switzer Newbie


      I've tried out EJB3 in the implementation of JBoss 4.0.3SP1
      and I'm very enthusiastic.

      But I still have a problem I can't solve:

      the EJB 2.1 spec said you could expose a stateles Session Bean
      as a Web Service and JSR220 repeats this claim for EJB 3.0.
      However, neither the EJB3 TrailBlazer nor the adminguide gives
      a clue how to do this with JBoss.

      My conjecture is, JBoss is waiting until it's JSR181 compatible
      before implementing this aspect.

      Can anyone a) confirm my conjecture or b) let me in on the secret
      of how to do what I want to do?

      Many thanks,
      Robert Switzer