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    contradicting constraints and statements issue order

    Yevgen Bushuyev Newbie

      I need to make statements to be issued to the database in an original order (delete, insert as they appears in code) rather then as hibernate default insert first then delete.
      In a bit more details, i have two entities A and B, such that

      public class A implements Serializable{
       @OneToMany(mappedBy = "a", cascade = CascadeType.ALL)
       private Collection<B> bs;
       public void validate(){
       if (bs == null || bs.size() == 0) {
       throw new RuntimeException("xxx");

       uniqueConstraints={@UniqueConstraint(columnNames={"name", "a_id"})}
      public class B implements Serializable{
       B(String name, A a) {
       this.name = name;
       this.a = a;
       @Id(generate = GeneratorType.AUTO)
       private int id;
       private String name;
       private A a;

      besides this i need to validate A in preUpdate/Persist that there is at least one element in bs collection. Finally i need to execute following code:

       A a = new A();
       B b1 = new B(a, "x");
       a.addB(new B(a, "x"));

      but it gives me Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint since it tries to insert firts, then delete. On the other hand if i try to flush after remove i got validator exception if A also was modified in a some way.
      Any suggestions? It would be greate if validation could be palced in a callback method to be called on commit.

      wbr, eugen.