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    EJB3.0 and Jboss IDE

    daniel jarrett Newbie

      I'm trying to put together a par file with the jboss eclipse IDE. This is my first project using both jboss and eclipse.
      I've followed through the dvd trailblazer which has been quite helpful.
      To create my persistence object I have done the following.

      1) created my database tables
      2) created a datasource file and copied put it in the jboss server dir
      3) built all my pojo's and mapped them all to the tables using ejb3 annotation
      4) created a session bean to perform all my entity manager functions.
      5) created a persistence.xml file

      I'm not at the stage of packaging the par file.
      Using the "Packaging Configurations" option in the project properties I have created a par packaging file. In this I have added everything in my bin folder.

      I am wondering how I use this tool to add my persistence.xml file?

      Also should I be creating a seperate packing file for my manager sessionbean? and if so.. should this be a .ejb3 file?

      Thirdly.. Is there anything here that I am missing?