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    Problems using Hibernate Filter annotation with JBoss

    Rafael Gumz Newbie

      I need to use the Hibernate´s FilterDef and Filter annotations on my EntityBean. I configured the annotations but I couldn´t figure out the right moment to enable it because the EntityManager´s HibernateSession is always a different instance. I´m using a Stateless Session Bean.
      For example, when I get the EntityManager in the first time, I get its HibernateSession and enable the filter, and this filter doesn´t exists in the next time I get the same EntityManager in the same SessionBean.
      I mean, the HibernateSession that had the filter was lost and I have to enable it again if I want the filter to work in the same EntityManager instance.

      The EntityBean and its annotations:

      @Entity(access = AccessType.FIELD)
      @Table(name = "SOME_OTHER_TABLE")
      @FilterDef(name="FilterDomain", parameters={@ParamDef(name="param1" type="string")})
       @Filter(name="FilterDomain", condition="RV_MEANING is not null and RV_LOW_VALUE <> :param1")
      public class Dominio {

      The SessionBean and the accessor method to get the EntityManager:
      public abstract class AbstractController {
       @PersistenceContext(unitName="MyContext", type=PersistenceContextType.TRANSACTION)
       private EntityManager em;
       public EntityManager getEM() {
       //code to enable the EntityBean´s filters
       return this.em;

      The Utility class to enable the filters:
      public class EMUtil {
       public static void enableFilters(EntityManager em) {
       Session session = ((HibernateSession)em).getHibernateSession();
       Filter filter = session.getEnabledFilter("FilterDomain");
       if (filter == null) {
       //always get into the if, the filter must be enabled every time.
       filter = session.enableFilter("FilterDomain");
       filter.setParameter("param1", "A");

      I tried to use the javax.ejb.PostConstruct annotation and enabled the filter there, but I get a javax.persistence.TransactionRequiredException that tells me the EntityManager must be access within a transaction. And considering my problem, I believe it would happen the same with the HibernateSession.

      Does anyone have an idea or example where I can use the Hibernate´s Filter annotation without enabling it in the HibernateSession every time I need to use the EntityManager?