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    Inheriting properties from superclass

    Fane Babanu Newbie


      In my model I have a series of classes that extend an abstract class named Resource and I want those classes to have mutually exclusive id's (the id being their primary key) because I want to be able to reference any Resource by unique id. I created a sequence in the database (PostgreSQL 8) named "SEQUENCE_GLOBAL_RESOURCE_ID". I translated this to code like this:

      @EmbeddableSuperclass(access = AccessType.FIELD)
      public abstract class Resource {
       @Id(generate = GeneratorType.SEQUENCE, generator = "GENERATOR_SEQUENCE_GLOBAL_RESOURCE_ID")
       @Column(name = "ID")
       private int id;
       public int getId() {return id;}
       public void setId(int resourceId) {this.id = resourceId;}

      Example of entity which extends Resource:

      @Entity(access = AccessType.FIELD)
      @Table(name = "ORGANIZATIONS")
      public class Organization extends Resource implements Serializable {
       @Column(name = "NAME", unique = true, nullable = false)
       private String name;
       // and other properties

      Now if I retrieve an Organization, the instance I get has all the fields correct (as in the database) except for id which is 0! Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?