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    PostgreSQL and schema update error

    blalls asdsd Novice

      Trying to run SEAM example on the PostgreSQL 8.0 I got this error messages

      15:44:49,371 ERROR [SchemaUpdate] Unsuccessful: create table User (username varchar(255) not null, name varchar(100) not null, password varchar(15) not null, primary key (username))
      15:44:49,372 ERROR [SchemaUpdate] ERROR: syntax error at or near "User"
      15:44:49,522 ERROR [SchemaUpdate] Unsuccessful: alter table Booking add constraint FK6713A0396E4A3BD foreign key (user_username) references User
      15:44:49,522 ERROR [SchemaUpdate] ERROR: syntax error at or near "User"

      I think the problem is that User is a reserved word in postgresql.
      How could it be solved?