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    @SecurityDomain not found

    milan wölke Newbie

      Hello there,
      I'm trying to implement security for our stateless session beans. As I read the documentation the first step to use the security framework provided by JBoss is to annotate the sessionbean with a SecurityDomain annotation. Then when deployed the EJB3.deployer seems to check if such an annotation is present, and if so it will configure the JACC context. Correct me if I'm wrong, so far.
      My problem is, that anyways while deploying the AS tells me, that the bean has no @SecurityDomain. But it has! Is there some additional configuration to be made. I read the EJB3Trail and I thought that a @SecurityDomain("other") and a users.properties and roles.properties file along with proper @RolesAllowed, etc annotations should get me started.
      I would thank you for any suggestions.

      Regards, Milan Wölke

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          hezimmer Newbie

          Hi Milan,

          please check the import of the SecurityDomain class, the right one is:
          import org.jboss.annotation.security.SecurityDomain;

          There is another class SecurityDomain in package
          import org.jboss.aspects.security.SecurityDomain;

          which is not the right one and leads to the error.