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    Help needed : issue with output text white space value displ

    anjana patel Newbie

      Hi all

      Am facing an issue with h:outputText component.

      Please find the code snippet of my web page.

      <a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="true">
      <h:outputText style="white-space:pre;" value="T<whiteapsce1><whiteapsce2><whitespace3><whitespace4>EST" />

      I have set the property white-space:pre; to display the text with white spaces.
      On the initial load the page renders properly which displays the white spaces in the output text.

      But when an ajax call is made on that page, the output box does not displays the data with the white space in between.
      eg: its displayed as "T<whiteapsce1>EST"
      I have notices that the problem happens with browsers IE6 SP2 and IE 7.
      It works fine with Firefox and Safari.
      Any thoughts where its going wrong?