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    k dcosta Newbie


      For cancel button which is a <h:commandButton> i have set the attribute immediate=true;
      because for this button i am calling a javascript to clear all the text fields in the form.

      i also have a <h:selectOneMenu> in my page.

      <h:selectOneMenu id="countryCombo" style="width:100%" value="#{regAction.country}" >
       <f:selectItems id="coutryItems" value="#{regAction.countryList}" />

      but when i click the cancel button im getting the error
      javax.el.ELException: /pages/Company Registration.xhtml @217,79 value="#{regAction.countryList}": Error reading 'countryList' on type org.javassist.tmp.java.lang.Object_$$_javassist_12

      when i remove the attribut immediate =true , there is no error, but validation takes place.
      i havent given in script to clear the <h:selectOneMenu>

      Why is its so???
      anyone plz tell me where i went wrong