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    BUG ? : IllegalArgumentException occurred calling getter of

    chelaru.viorel Newbie

      hi all,
      i'm a newbie with problems in cascade; my last problem is : in a schedulable i lookup a stateless bean and i start some threads; i pass the stateless bean reference to the thread throught the constructor of the thread; when i call a function of the stateless witch want to persist the entity bean with the EntityManager, i get an IllegalArgumentException occurred calling getter of vc.ejb.rss.persistence.RssItemBean.id .

      i use jboss4.0.3SP1, and ejb3.0 of course.
      it's the first time encounter this problem.....this is strange because persisting entities from the application work perfectly well....is it because i want to persist an entity from a thread, schedulable ? i found out that this i s because the stateless is not proxyied....it is deployed diretly in the deploy dir of jboss.....but why the session beans deployed in the ear are proxied ? because they work perfectly......who's fault is it ? jboss's because doesn't proxy the session bean ? or mine ?