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    Classloader Question

    Vivek Srivastav Newbie

      I am stuck on this for days now. Can someone help me with it please.

      Statement of Problem
      How to use to EJB 3.0 Stateless Session Bean from within a JBoss Service.

      1. I have created a LoginModule which I am packaging as a SAR DynamicConfig MBean. The LoginModule internally calls Stateless Session bean to authenticate userid and password.

      2. The EJB is configured to use this Login Module. The LoginModule is called when the web-tier tries to access a restricted resource. However within this login Module, I am unable to obtain reference to Stateless Session Bean.

      Errors I am getting in JBoss
      When I do not package the Remote interface of the Session bean, I get the

      NoClassDefFound Exception

      else when I package the Stateless Session Bean Remote interface class file into the SAR. I get ClassCastException:

      java.lang.ClassCastException: $Proxy187

      I am packing the same class file in SAR and ear files that I am deploying.

      Obviously I am missing some important piece of puzzle about Classloader.