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    Disabling clustering

    Alexander Hartner Newbie

      All my team members are running their own JBoss 4 - EJB3 environment using the ALL configuration, which includes clustering. Ideally we like to use the EJB3 features, but not the clustering aspects of JBoss 4 in our development environment. What is the best way to achieve this. The reason we want to turn of clustering is to avoid interfearing with each others environments. Currently we are considering the following options:

      1.)Remove Clustering from the ALL configuration
      2.)Configure the EJB3 environment on the DEFAULT, or another configuration

      I tried the first option (removing clustering) but wasn't able to find the right place to do this in. I tried removing jboss-4.0.3\server\all\deploy\cluster-service.xml but JBOSS would not start after that.


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          Hamdy Farid Newbie

          I spent so much time on option 2 .... in the end I gave up
          I had better luck with option 1

          This is what I did (hopfully it would work for you)
          - delete all/deploy-hasigliton
          - copy default/deploy/jms to all/deploy
          - delete all/farm
          - delete all/deploy.last
          - delete all/deploy/cluster-service.xml
          - delete all/deploy/deploy-hasigleton-service.xml

          If you get any deployment errors, please post them as they might remind me with a step I forgot to mention

          Another way of isolating each of your jboss servers is to specify the partition name, there should not be any interfering between partitions with diffrent names

          you can use the machine name as a unique name for the parition
          for a machine "abcd", you would start jboss as follows
          ./run.sh -Djboss.partition.name=abcd -c all