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    Question about perfomance in persistence of objects

    Luis Gervaso Newbie


      Supose we have an EntityBean called Person.java


      private Long id;
      private String name;
      private Country country;

      A Second Entity obiously is Country :)


      private Long id;
      private String name;

      And finally we have a method called savePerson which uses EJB 3.0 API internally, so

      public savePerson(String name, long countryId) {


      We have only countryId, but not the entire object Country, so
      is necesary retrieve first the Country object from database using entitymanager?

      is posible avoid this foo step and use a proxy or what ever you like?

      in hibernate is posible using load() i think, but i like avoid use hibernate api explicity (in my source code)

      thanks in advance