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    monitoring EJB3 performance

    Hamdy Farid Newbie

      I have a full application built on top of ejb3, the application inludes
      - stateless session beans
      - statefull session bean
      - MDB
      - MBean service
      - JCA
      - web front (jsp/servlet)
      - deployed in clustered configuration

      The whole thing is packaged in a single .ear file

      I would like to monitor my ejb performance (how many time the methods are getting called, how long it took, throughput...)

      I know the answer might be web-console but
      - J2EE Domain -> Manager -> JBoss -> abc.ear is displying that "Provide statstics = false"
      - J2EE Domain -> Manager -> JBoss -> abc.ear is only showing the war file packaged inside (it ignores .par, .ejb3,.sar)

      Is it possible to collect the information I am looking for ? If not, do you recommend any specific way based on your experiance
      If web-console is the way to go, how can I enable statstics collection and how can I collect them