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    JBOSS EJB3 RC4 ???


      Is there any JBoss EJB3 RC out reflecting the latest bunch of Hibernate updates (which brings compliance with the EJB3 public final draft)
      (Annotation 3.1beta8, EntityManager 3.1 beta6, Core 3.1.1)

      If not is it planned ?
      If so Is there an approximate ETA ?

      I've installed JBoss with EJB3 RC3
      (Annotation 3.1beta7, EntityManager 3.1 beta5, Core 3.1)
      How to update to Annotation 3.1beta8, EntityManager 3.1 beta6, Core 3.1.1 ?
      Is it as easy as putting updated jars to... \ejb3.deployer ???
      ejb3-persistence, hiberernate-annotations.jar, hibernate-entyitymanger.jar, hibernate3.jar -> probably yes, but dont know about the remaing ones ...

      Thx i.a for any help :)