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    A few Entity-related questions

    Scott Balmos Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to get my test EAR application working, and I've got a few questions.

      Inside my EAR, I've currently got a PAR with all of my entity classes. As I understand it, persistence.xml doesn't follow MBean syntax. So how do I define a dependency on a DataSource MBean, which is created by a -ds.xml descriptor in the enclosing EAR? Otherwise, the PAR will be deployed first, before the DataSource is created, and that's not pretty. :)

      My actual application modules are in separate EJB-JARs (like core, billing, project management, event calendar, etc). Since some entities in one "module" reference entities in other "modules" (most commonly, entities refer to a User entity from the core "module"), I can't place the entities inside the module EJB-JARs because they all would have separate EntityManager contexts. I'm basically trying to verify that there's no equivalent to the Hibernate MBean ScanForMappingsEnabled=true setting, and that I must have a separate JAR, holding all entity classes for all application modules, for this to work.

      Sorry for the long post. Thanks!