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    EntityResult does not match spec.?

    John Blackmore Newbie

      I'm trying to follow the PFD spec. on setting up my @SqlResultSetMapping for a native query, and there seems to be some minor deviation from the spec. with regard to the EntityResult annotation. It's not getting in my way, but I thought I'd point it out all the same.


      public @interface EntityResult {
       Class entityClass();
       FieldResult[] fields default {};
       String discriminatorColumn() default "";

      JBoss EJB3.0-RC4 (and RC5):

      public abstract @interface EntityResult {
       public abstract String name();
       public abstract String discriminatorColumn();
       public abstract FieldResult[] fields();

      I'm assuming that by spelling out the class name in the name attribute, I accomplish the same thing as providing the class.