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    Nic Holbrook Newbie

      Is there an example with separate war accessing ear or ear accessing ear anywhere? I'm still getting class cast exceptions when I do the lookup and cast to the remote interface.

      Here's the setup.

      -- somedomain.jar

      some ear
      -- somedomain.jar
      -- someservices.jar

      other ear
      -- somedomain.jar
      -- otherservices.jar
      -- otherdomain.jar

      The domain.jar contains all the entity beans and the remote interface to the proxy for the services. When I do a lookup inside the main ear, all is well. If I lookup the proxy from the other ear or war, I get ClassCastException. All these are running inside the same jboss. I can access the proxy fine from a standalone client or unit tests. I have changed the settings in the ear-deployer.xml as well as the settings in the jboss-service.xml inside jbossweb/META-INF and nothing seems to be working. I really need to have the wars isolated because if I don't, they seem to be picking up just 1 resource bundle from 1 war and everybody gets it which can cause some problems as you might suspect. Anyway, I plan to add several more wars and ears to this system and I need to get them talking to eachother. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get to figure this out.