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    EJBQL and Native SQL combination, is it possible?

    Dan Liu Apprentice

      As EJBQL doesn't support full text search, I have to write a native sql such as:
      Select * from articles where id in (Select id From articles_fulltext WHERE MATCH (title,body) AGAINST ('keywords') ).

      This might look easy to write. Howevery, if the articles table has 10 join tables. This native sql would look very complicated e.g. select a.title, a.author, b.name ... from articles as a, publishers as b ... where ...

      The only part I need to write in native sql is the sub query. It would be great if I can combine EjbQL and native sql like this:
      ejbql=createQuery("Select a from articles as a");
      nativeSql=createNativeQuery("Select id From articles_fulltext WHERE MATCH (title,body) AGAINST ('keywords')");

      is ejb3 gonna support doing this?