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    Have a few bean naming problems with ejb3 rc5

    null null Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      has somebody answers to this questions? I use jboss 4.0.3sp1 and installed the ejb3rc5 package as documented in the readme. Then i started testing some ejb3 session beans. When I deployed my examples I faced some probs:
      1) Usually a beans jndi-name should be automatically stored as package.BeanRemoteInterface. Jboss 3.0.1sp1 does so, but after the update to ejb3rc5 they have simply the name of the implementing bean class. I know about the @stateless(name) property, but I would like to use that automatic naming. What am I doing wrong?
      2) If I use the @stateless(name) property, I still have to distinguish the interface type while doing my Client-Lookup:

      ctx.lookup ( BeanInterface.class.getName() + "/remote" );

      Even, if there is no local interface at all. And if I do a lookup without adding the "/remote"-String I do not always get the Local interface, only in serveral cases. Sometimes I have to add a "/local" to get my stub. Quite confusing!

      Thanks for your help,