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    Datatype mapping to Oracle datatypes

    Jacob Boje Newbie


      We're evaluating JBOSS with EJB3 using a Oracle database. I can't get datatype mapping to work correctly.

      I seems like the Integer datatype i mapped to NUMBER(38) which is the maximum number size i Oracle. The Long datatype is mapped to BIGINT which isn't a datatype in Oracle and therefore an exceptino i raised.

      I've tried altering standardjaws.xml and standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml in the conf-catalog and also the oracle-ds.xml in the deploy-catalog. This do not have any effect. I've also tried to change the default size of VARCHAR2 from 255 to 100 - this haven't any effect either....

      I would like to know if this type mapping is a bug in JBOSS 4.0.3SP1 with EJB3 or what?