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    CMP defaults do not match the specification?

    Anton Duca Newbie


      I wrote an application using EJB 3.0.

      When I undeploy the ear - Jboss - deletes the tables structure (and of course the data in the database).

      When I deploy the ear - JBoss - creates new empty tables (even when these tables exist).

      I have read the JBoss AS Documentation and at the page 423 (section 11.2) it says:
      - create-table - default option is false
      - remove-table - default option is false

      Am I missing anything?

      I use:

      JBoss 4.0.3 SP1
      Win XP
      MySql 5.0.15

      Anton Duca
      Politehnica University Bucharest
      Computer Science Department