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    Sahoo 'using java Persistence JEE 5' blog

    darren hartford Expert


      For this to work in jboss, so far these changes need to be made:

      *needed to add a META-INF/application.xml (it IS required for jboss)

      *The persistence.xml gives an error on deployment of -

      Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: You have not defined a jta-data-source for a JTA enabled persistence context name
      d: pu1

      I haven't gone any further as I'm curious if someone else has already done this and provide the change-list, or if the Jboss guys have any recommendations/comments regarding this example?


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          Bill Burke Master

          We do not support the Java EE 5 EAR format yet in JBoss 4.0.x. So, you have to declare standalone persistence archives within application.xml as an ejb module if you want them to be deployed.

          We are allowed to require a jta-data-source.

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            Jens Elkner Apprentice

            Hmmm, is this (*.ear/lib/availableToAll.jar) on your roadmap for 4.x ?

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              Bill Burke Master

              Not yet. Why is it such a big deal?

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                Jens Elkner Apprentice

                E.g. because my EJBs use util classes, which are required on the rich client (and in the feature possibly on the web app as well). Right now, I've to add the util classes to the ejb.jar - otherwise I get ClassNotFoundExeptions when invoking the beans.

                OK, perhaps it might work to add a class-path entry into the metainfo and add all the extension description stuff (simply adding it to the application.xml as module does not work), but why should it be so complicated? It is much easier, when the stuff in lib gets picked up automatically,
                anlog as more or less good startup files for rich clients already do, which avoid s a lot of typing, possible typos, maintainance overhead (e.g. when the version and thus name of a jar changes,
                etc.) .

                Just in case, here an example, what I mean wrt. to automatic pickup for RCs:

                # add in the dependency .jar files
                for i in $DIRLIBS ; do
                 # if the directory is empty, then it will return the input string
                 # this is stupid, so case for it
                 if [ "$i" != "${DIRLIBS}" ] ; then
                 if [ -z "LOCAL_CLASSPATH" ]; then

                So I can just add/remove/replace any lib without the need to adjust anything wrt. "deployment"/startup ...