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    Ajax rendered tooltip force to process whole page jsf tree?

    Pavel Savara Newbie

      We face a problem where we have ajax rendered tooltip in quite complex page to display information about user on mouse over. Because ajax tooltip is rendered inside the form element the current jsf tree is send back to server and all backing beans for it must be polulated and so on for every tooltip display.

      What we would like to have is that tooltip will generate new ajax request and will show its results as tool tip on original page. So it will not bother with current page jsf tree and with processing that whole tree.. Basicaly do GET request instead of POST on some url.

      Does it make sense? Are we making any mistake somewhere? How we can make sure that ajax rendered tooltip doesn't force to process whole page jsf tree?

      Piece of our tooltip code:

      <a4j:region renderRegionOnly="true" immediate="true">
       <rich:toolTip mode="ajax" showDelay="300" for="pg_picture" direction="top-left">
       <f:param name="userId" value="#{user.userId}"/>
       <ui:include src="./userPopupInc.xhtml"/>

      Thanks fo any answer