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    enum as primary-key

    jan zimmek Newbie

      I am really impressed by the current EJB3 implementation, but got a question about enums in entities.

      Is it possible to use an enum as primary-key (@Id) of an entity ?

      I tried the following two solutions:

      1.) Adding "@Id" on the enum-typed property, which results in a byte-array-datatype.


       public enum GenderType
       public int getOrdinal()
       return ordinal();
       public void setOrdinal(int ordinal)

      This compiles fine and the automatically generated schema is correct,
      but when referencing the entity-bean I got the following exception:

      No default constructor for entity: de.jitek.component.friendler.entity.GenderType


      Can we map an enum as primary-key at all ?

      An example would great, even if it would require hibernate-specific extensions.

      Any help would really appreciated,