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    How to get EJB3TrailBlazer classes in the class repository

    Martin Söderström Newbie


      I have a SAR with an simple MBean. When I deploy the SAR alone, classes will load the way I expect from reading about classloading in the JBoss 4 Application Server Guide. I can look up packages and classes in the repository in JMImplementation.LoaderRepository in JMX console. Classes are also accessable from other deployed applications.

      Then I try to add the SAR to an EAR where I also have an EJB3 JAR and deploy the whole thing. Now no packages of classes from the EJB3 JAR or SAR can be found in the repository. I thought that I would not have isolated class loading here.

      So I play around with the EJB3 TrailBlazer just to see how this archive works when deployed. Right out of the box, the trailblazer classes does not turn up in the repository. I remove the <load-repository> tag from jboss-app.xml to see if this would make any difference, but it does not.

      So how do get the classes to be loaded the "not isolated" way? I thought this was the default way.

      What am I missing? I guess I have not fully understood the classloading mechanism after all...

      I'm running JBoss AS 4.0.4 RC1.

      /Martin Söderström