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    a4j:loadStyle Xcss and dynamic colors

    Al Nik Newbie

      Hi all
      I'm using a4j:loadStyle to load my xxx.xcss file
      now I've 2 class styles here inside

      <u:selector name=".documentSearchLight">
       <u:style name="background" skin="docSearchLightBkgColor" />
       <u:selector name=".documentSearchDark">
       <u:style name="background" skin="docSearchDarkBkgColor" />

      and these take the colors form my xxx.properties file in this way


      docSearchLightBkgColor works fine
      docSearchDarkBkgColor is the color taken from my schema dynamically. Now this doesn't work correctly, it seems it sometimes takes the dynamic color in the schema and sometimes it takes the default color of the component.

      I debugged it and i.e. if the schema contains 'red' the backingbean returns always red but the rendered color sometimes is red and sometimes has the default component's color.
      Someone know what's the problem?