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    ?Could not find Stateful bean? after exception and transacti

    Alex Palko Newbie

      In stateful ejb session Bean1 I have reference on another stateful ejb session Bean2 ? bean2Ref.
      I can correctly call any method from bean2Ref until calling processOrder from that bean that rises exception during data flushing to database.

      This is definition of processOrder() method in Bean2

       public void processOrder() {
       //? some code

      This code fragment from method in Bean1

       try {
       } catch(Exception ex) {
       log.error("error - " + ex.getMessage());

      Calling bean2Ref.finalProcessing() (and any other from bean2Ref) will rise exception ?Could not find Stateful bean: 5c4o11h-844ahm-ek9u3vhm-1-ek9vq78r-3b?

      Is it correct behaviour of ejb3 container? Is it possible to save bean2Ref instance?