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    LazyLoadExceptions, Open Session in View & EJB3

    Brian Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have been getting lazy load exceptions as described in


      I've been investigating nice solutions to this and I came across the "Open Session in View" pattern. Here's a nice blog entry about it:


      Nice eh!

      Now, I thought this might be a good solution for my post above, but then I read that we can't really use "Open Session in View" in ejb3 in this very good post:


      Now, I really think that ejb3 is great. It's easy, innovative etc, but I'm left feeling that if either the Open Session in View problem isn't fixed or unless I'm doing something really stupid over the lazy load exception, than this is a major flaw!

      By the way - I know that Seam fixes the "open session in view" problem but it's unrealistic to get everyone to change to this.

      thanks for any help.