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    javax.jms.Session and Temporary Queues from a MDB?

    Scott McNab Newbie


      I am porting some code that previously ran as a MBean to use the EJB 3.0 MDB MessageListener interface.

      Previously, my MBean would maintain its own JMS Connection and Session objects, however as an MDB, it appears I can only access the Message object itself. Is this correct?

      In order to send an asynchronous response to a message, I previously use d the following code:

      Destination tempDestination = msg.getJMSReplyTo();
      // Create a temporary producer
      MessageProducer tempProducer = session.createProducer(tempDestination);
      // Send the message
      ObjectMessage objMsg = session.createObjectMessage(ack);
      // Close our temporary producer

      Now this code can only work if I have the same Session object that was used to receive the message prior to being passed to the onMessage() method.

      Does anyone know how can I do this from an EJB3 MDB onMessage() handler?