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    jBoss + EJB3 + Scalability

    David Small Newbie

      HI, we have an EJB3 web application in our testing environment. Before long we'll be migrating to production. I'm wondering if there are any scalability gotchas that I should be worried about.

      For example in jBoss 4.0.1 with EJB 2.1, I used to get ApplicationDeadlockExceptions, until I discovered a discussion thread that detailed setting entity bean readonly attributes in the jboss.xml file instead of the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml. This was a big help and greatly increased the scalability of an existing applictions.

      Has anyone deployed an EJB3 application to production? Are there any production time lessons that you'd like to share?


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          Thomas Orr Newbie

          We have deployed a number of Web Services backed by ejb3 business objects. We are very happy with the load we have been able to handle. We have scaled past 50 concurrent users with little trouble. We have experienced that the SOAP stack is the bottleneck in our system as the ejb machines never pegged any resources. However, we are not using ejb3 persistence as most users are. We have opted for stored procedure backed entities and have handled deadlock situations in our procs. I have heard about deadlock problems when using the full blown orm ejb3 solution, but for the reason mentioned have not experienced it myself.