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    Stored Procedure

    Gregor Grambow Newbie

      Hello again!

      Ich have another problem with data base access (still jboss 4.0.3SP1 without ejb rc4; sybase ASA9):

      I have to use stored procedures. I mapped two of them with a hbm.xml file. worked fine with result sets with only one row. but now i want to use this for a procedure that returns muliple rows. the list that i get contains as many objects as the procedure returns rows. but they are all the same. just copies of the first one.

      the configuration looks like this:

      <class name="xy.classname">
       <id name="xxx" type="integer" column="xxx"/>
       <property name="yyy" type="string" column="yyy"/>
      <sql-query name="QUERYNAME" callable="true">
       <return class="xy.classname">
       <return-property name="xxx" column="xxx"/>
       <return-property name="yyy" column="yyy"/>
       { call stp_procedurename(:param1,:param2,....) }

      is this not possible or have i made a mistake?