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    Sorting and filtering in DataTable

    Vladimir Kovalyuk Apprentice

      I stuck on sorting in datatable connected to datascroller. It was a big surprise to read from manual that sorting does not work with pagination (and it's true).

      The cause of the problem is ModifiableModel that wrappes ExtendedDataModel in case when sorting or filtering is used and loads all the rows (awful!). It is pretty obvious that your approach breaks scalability and MVC concept as well.

      What I need is sortable and filtering column header that can be embedded into datatable or used separately. The same for datascroller. I need feedback from these components to my own controller that serves my own datamodel. I don't need your sorting and filtering code because it's impossible to do it efficiently on the presentation layer. You don't provide me with the ability to build my own controlled and offer cumbersome and strange example of ExtendedDataModel:
      - what does the example need to implement DataModel interface for if its implementation always throws exception and you always wraps whatever UIDataTable being fed up into ModifiableModel???
      - why do you think that every developer should implement his own extended data model when Seam's EntityQuery is enough to build a controller and List is pretty good to be a model?