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    Hdi Surya Newbie

      hello i'm a new bie?
      anyone can help me how to compile ejb3 file
      what classpath that i need to compile source ejb3:
      the source like this
      import javax.ejb.Stateless;
      public class HelloWorldEJB3
      implements HelloWorld {
      public void greeting( String pName ) {
      System.out.println( "Hello " + pName );
      i use jboss404rc1 &jdk 1.5

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          Alexander Sack Novice

          Your default CLASSPATH and obviously the ejb3 jars from the EJB3 deployer (under your deploy directory). Have you looked at the JBoss IDE for Eclipse? I've used that with a lot of success (great project) and provides already configured EJB3/AOP libraries for you to use to include in your project.

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            Bill Burke Master

            unfortunately, the 4.0.4rc1 dist doesn't set up jboss's client libs correctly so:

             <path id="classpath">
             <fileset dir="${jboss.home}/server/default/lib">
             <include name="*.jar"/>
             <fileset dir="${jboss.home}/server/default/deploy/ejb3.deployer">
             <include name="*.jar"/>
             <fileset dir="${jboss.home}/server/default/deploy/jboss-aop-jdk50.deployer">
             <include name="*.jar"/>
             <fileset dir="${jboss.home}/lib">
             <include name="*.jar"/>
             <pathelement location="${build.classes.dir}"/>
             <!-- So that we can get jndi.properties for InitialContext and log4j.xml file -->
             <pathelement location="${basedir}/client-config"/>