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    Limit number of concurrent MDBs and number of retries?


      Dear All,

      I am finding when I set up a Queue much like the example at...


      ...JBoss instantiates several (I'm guessing around 5) consumers that all hungrily grab whatever appears on the Queue in a concurrent fashion. Also, if any of the message processing fails, they retry several (I'm guessing around 10) times before assigning the message to the DLQ.

      My question is: how can I control this behaviour?

      My requirement is for a sequential, single-threaded point-to-point, so all I want is one consumer that processes each message just once. If the message fails to consume then so be it: as long as it reached the consumer I'm happy.

      I have tried setting the ActivationConfigProperties maxSessions to 1, DLQMaxResent to 1, and transacted to false, as listed at...


      ...but they all seem to have little effect?

      You help is most appreciated,