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    coolness: built-in DI (IoC) and other forms of goodness

    Ezra Epstein Newbie

      OK, random obnoxious dissing aside, I'm going through some EJB3 intro material on the JBoss site and am beginning to smile again about standards-based J2EE development. At long last. And I know there's a real debt to Gavin and other Hibernate folks for getting the standards going in the right direction.

      The idea that I can declare my bean's, nay POJO's!! properties and leave the container to set them automagically via dependency injection is 100% right-on cool. Many thanks from many of us. Kodos.

      As for the online trails and other material, it's pretty high quality (thouh see my flagrantly rude (anti-social even?) post on the subject of choosing good examples).

      Finally, I haven't quite gotten over the syntactic indigestion caused by annotations -- they seem like mondo warts on a rather elegant language -- but then, it's (a) syntax and (b) I went to a college that had warts (literally) all over its buildings: offensive to one architect's sense of style my be the epitome of another architects idea of it.