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    Remote Session Bean and EJB 3.0

    thomas delazzari Newbie


      Can someone link an example, a code, or a package with some examples on how to use remote session beans on EJB 3.0.

      I have declared my bean's interface remote and I have successfuly deployed it on one JBoss, on one server.

      The second server need access to this bean, but when I call the remote method, it returns a NameNotFoundException. Probably I am looking up the wrong JNDI name. But I didn't find any examples or source code showing how to declare it.

      I successfuly managed to look up a local webservice (using the right JNDI name) but I need some help for the remote part. What do we need to put in the jndi.properties, what are the lines in jboss.xml and jboss-services.xml, and please how to apply a specific JNDI name to a remote Session Bean.

      Thx a lot for your answer.