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    Hibernate 'table name' not mapped

    franck lepretre Newbie

      I am using jboss-4.0.3SP1.
      I converted my application to EJB3 without any major problem.
      The trailblazer was very helpful.

      I could update the EJB configuration for Message and Session beans without any problem.

      I would only have one question about Entity EJB and Hibernate usage in Jboss. Should the java class and the table name be the same ?

      If they are not, I get at Jboss startUp:
      'table-name' not mapped. (table-name being the name I would like to define, different from the java class).
      If I change table-name to the java class everything is fine.

      From the hibernate documentation:
      @Table is set at the class level; it allows you to define the table, catalog, and schema names for your entity bean mapping. If no @Table is defined the default values are used: the unqualified class name of the entity.

      Is it an hibernate problem ?
      Or, what kind of configuration was missing ?
      Thanks for any clue.