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    Session Bean / Classpath trobules

    Stefan Kanev Newbie


      I'm experiencing classloading problems when using the session beans in EJB 3.0. Basically, I want to pass my own objects to the session beans as arguments like:

      public interface Foo {
       public void doStuff(Bar bar);

      public class Bar {
       public Integer baz;
       public String wox;

      I get an "argument mismatch" exception when I try to invoke that session bean from a web application .war file. The problem, as I see it, is that the doStuff() method implementation expects a Bar class loaded with the JBoss unified classloader, while my web app war file is using a WebappClassloader. How am I supposed to fix that problem? Should I tell my in-Jboss tomcat to load all classes using it's own classloader or do I have to do something else?

      I haven't added any additional jboss configuration than the default (using 4.0.4RC1). Can someone help me?