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    @EJB in Servlet or POJO error

    simon wang Newbie

      Deal All:
      I have tested that @EJB annotation seem not to work in servlet or POJO class.And it does work in session bean.I want to confirm whether it is defined in EJB3.0 spec that @EJB annotation just should be used in session/message beans?
      One more question is about entity bean lazy loading.Anyone can tell me how to verify whether collcions are lazily loaded or eagerly loaded?
      The way i do that is to find LazyInitialiExcepion thrown when i issue code like myBean.findByName("myObject").getSomeList().size().And if i return list in persitent context,no exception will be thrown.But i'm not sure whether it is enough to confirm the collecions are lazily loaded.