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    Entity annotation, access property missing in 4.0.4CR2

    Tim Spears Newbie

      Installed from the .jar installer, using the EJB3 configuration option, I find that the class javax.persistence.Entity has but one property,

      String name() default "";

      Nowhere to I see the access type property that was there in 4.0.3, and is in the EJB3 persistence specification, which suggests the contract should be

      @Target(TYPE) @Retention(RUNTIME)
      public @interface Entity {
      String name() default "";
      AccessType access() default PROPERTY;

      Tell me I'm smoking something here, but I just don't see it or any documentation suggesting it should be removed. The jar file I'm finding it in is .../server/default/lib/ejb3-persistence.jar.

      Assuming it is intentionally removed, is the default access type still on methods, or does it support both now?