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    Problems with rich: implaceInput

    helmy helmi Newbie

      I'm trying to create a custom component for modifiable labels.
      It consists of a rich:inplaceInput wich in every valueChangeEvent we change it associate value in the dataBase.
      the source of the custom component

       <c:if test="#{!empty sessionScope['edit']}">
       <h:form id="#{id}form1">
       <rich:inplaceInput id="#{id}Input" value="#{bundle[key]}" valueChangeListener="#{i18nBean.update}"
       <f:attribute name="key" value="#{key}"/>
       <f:attribute name="bundleName" value="#{bundleName}"/>
       <c:if test="#{empty sessionScope['edit']}">
       <h:outputLabel id="#{id}Label" value="#{bundle[key]}">

      in every ValueChangeEvent we call the update method of managedBean:i18nBean

      the source of the i18nBean

      public class I18nBean {
       private ILabelService labelService;
       *method which treat the ValueChangeEvent
       public void update(ValueChangeEvent event) {
      // recuperate the 2 attributes :keys and bundle
       FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
       String locale = fc.getExternalContext().getRequestLocale().toString();
       UIComponent component = (UIComponent) event.getSource();
       String key = (String) component.getAttributes().get("key");
       String bundleName = (String) component.getAttributes().get("bundleName");
       // updating the label in the data Base
       if (ValidatorUtil.isNotBlank(key)) {
       this.getLabelService().create(key, locale, event.getNewValue().toString());
       ResourceBundle bundle = fc.getApplication().getResourceBundle(fc, bundleName);
       if (bundle instanceof AbstractHibernateResourceBundle) {
       AbstractHibernateResourceBundle hibernateResourceBundle = (AbstractHibernateResourceBundle) bundle;
       hibernateResourceBundle.updateLabel(key, event.getNewValue().toString());

      the test page:
       <title>Page de Test</title>
       <h:commandLink value="Editer" actionListener="#{sessionBean.goEditMode}"/>
       <h:commandLink value="Prévisualiser" actionListener="#{sessionBean.quitEditMode}"/>
       <i18n:label id="label1" key="key4" bundle="#{kmji18n}" bundleName="kmji18n"/>

      the problem is that it works fine in FF but not in IE7 in this one the form is never been submitted .
      i spend a lot of time in this problem and i did not make any real progress.

      Thanks in advance