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    @Service POJOs: Clustering

    wesleyhall Newbie

      Hi Folks,

      I have been using the @Service annotation to implement a feature in the software I am currently working on.

      Now I am beginning to look at clustering the application and I am trying to make the service instance in each cluster node share it's state with the same service running on the other nodes. This would be a utopia for me, as it would mean that clients could update their local instance of the service and clients connected to another node would see this change.

      I have tried adding the @Clustered annotation to my @Service POJO but state was not synchronized across my test cluster leading me to believe that clustering of @Service state is not available in the current version. Is this correct? and if so, are there any plans to implement this or any suggestions you can offer that would achieve something similar?

      Thank you for reading.