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    Optimizing Embedded EJB deployment

    Daniel Cardin Newbie

      Hello all :)

      As now my /local lookups are working, I am trying to speed up deployment for my beans.

      I currently use the simplest method:


      But since I have many EJBs, libraries etc. I find it very inefficient.

      I could use jars and use only those directories as deploy dirs, but this is not exactly what I have in mind now, mainly because I just want to run it off the sources in my IDE.

      I would like to be able to point to some packages in my classpath and use only this.

      It basically boils down to :

      - use the proper persistence.xml
      - point to a package where my beans are com.xxx.beans.*
      - repeat for all packages containing beans

      How could I do this ?

      Thank you,