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    EJB3 clustering static members

    Abby Pad Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have this application in which there are some plain java objects that are static in nature - like vectors, hashmaps etc, that in turn contain other collections. I am trying to make this application clustered. Since my replication does not reference the session, I find that I can just add @stateless and @clustered annotations, and the static variables are replicated across the clustered.

      My question is what is the underlying replication mechanism across cluster for stateless session beans? Is there any way that I can use fine grained replication - ie, I dont want this big object to be replicated everytime - instead I only want the changes to get replicated.

      Currently, we use JBoss Cache AOP for our replication. We want to move to a design where we dont directly call the cache, but use more standard components to internally use some cache.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks a lot, Abitha.